Privacy Policy

Policy Statement

As a service provider, Reztel Communications Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Reztel) is only interested in collecting information necessary for the execution of the service requested. The individual or corporation requesting the service provides this information. Reztel collects credit information solely for the purpose of collecting payment for the service provided. Reztel does not sell or share any customer information with parties not directly connected with the service that the client has requested.


The collection of information is limited to only that which is required to provide the requested service through the Network, including collecting information necessary to complete the on-site installation of the customer premise equipment.


In so far as the information collected by Reztel is supplied by the client to facilitate the provisioning of a service that is requested by the client, there is an implied consent by the client to allow Reztel to collect such information.


As a provider of service, the applicable information collected will be distributed to the appropriate technician(s) for on site attendance or direct pre-attendance communication. When the client is informing us that a third party will be paying, in whole or in part, for the service on behalf of the client then it is necessary to share the client information with that third party.


In the interest of providing better customer service it is necessary to maintain a database of customer records. These records allow monitoring of the customer account, service and payment.


Information gathered is only available to Reztel staff that can and will use it during the course of normal business but cannot be shared with outside parties with the exception of credit card information. Reztel will provide the customer credit card information to the third party Credit Payment Agency for the purpose of processing the payments due on the customer account.

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