Installation Details


Included with Professional Basic Installation:

  • Dish assembly and mounting to your home (single family structure)
  • Placement and connection of the hardware from Dish/LNB to one receiver (includes up to 75’ RG6 cable) and, where applicable, an additional line (up to 75’) to a second receiver. The HDPVR requires two lines for its’ dual tuners, two RG6 cable runs (up to 75’ each) are included for that receiver.
  • Testing of entire customer drop for continuity, including measuring and recording signal levels
  • Placement of ground attachment
  • System activation
  • Demonstration of receiver operation to customer
  • Sealing of entry holes plus installation of proper wall plates

Other charges that may apply:

  • Excessive cable runs.
  • Requests for fishing cable through interior walls.
  • Home theatre connections.
  • Non-standard mounts (i.e. non-penetrating roof mount, posts, tripods, 24″ standoff brackets).
  • Additional line(s) to additional receiver(s) that are not included in the basic install.
  • Multi-switches

Please contact Reztel for more information on install options and pricing.

613-384-2101 or 1-888-546-8888