Fixed Wireless Basic Installation


Outside the home or building

Step 1
After locating a suitable line-of-sight to the Access Point the installer will mount the subscriber module to the home or building using a standard mounting bracket.

Step 2
The installer runs one pre-terminated outdoor Ethernet cable, up to 75 feet, from the base of the subscriber module to the point of entry into the home or building.

Step 3
The installer will supply and install the necessary surge suppressor on the exterior or interior of the home or building, which will then be properly grounded according to local regulations.

Step 4
The installer will seal all exterior holes and use drip loops on all exterior cables.

Inside the home or building

Step 5
The installer will run Ethernet cable, up to 50 feet, from the point of entry to the computer’s location in the home or building. Typically, a small hole is required to be drilled through the outside wall to allow entrance of the cable.

Step 6
The installer will hookup an AC Power Adapter.

Step 7
Finally, the installer will test the system with the customer’s PC to ensure the signal strength is working at the expected service level and Internet browsing is functioning.

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