Satellite Basic Installation


Outside the home or building

Step 1
After locating a suitable line-of-sight to the satellite, the installer will mount the outdoor unit (74 cm satellite antenna) using the standard tri-mast mount. The outdoor unit can either be wall mounted or roof mounted. NOTE: the satellite antenna cannot be wall mounted to stucco. As well the satellite antenna cannot be mounted on a steel roof unless the homeowner can provide the stud locations.

Step 2
The installer will align the antenna to achieve optimal signal reception.

Step 3
The installer will run up to 150′ of Xplornet approved RG6 cable.

Step 4
The installer will supply and install the necessary ground block on the exterior of the home or building, which will then be properly grounded according to local regulations.

Step 5
The installer will seal all exterior holes and use drip loops on all exterior cables.

Inside the home or building

Step 6
The installer will connect the satellite modem to the RG6 cables and perform the required steps to activate the service.

Step 7
Finally, the installer will test the system with the customer’s PC to ensure the signal strength is working at its expected service level and Internet browsing is functioning.

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